Dogs transport

[Important: Unleashed dogs are prohibited in the National Park]

Dogs will travel in the bus luggage compartment. Only correctly identified guide dogs are allowed inside the bus. Users will put their pets inside the carrier at the beginning of the trip and out of it at the end of the trip.

Pets can get on the bus only at Torla’s car park stop. On the way down they can get off at any stop. Pets won’t be granted access at any other stops on the way up.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pets are on good sanitary-hygienic conditions, have all required vaccinations and are registered. Owners will be made responsible for any damages caused by the animal.

Dogs must be used to this means of transport, the owner being responsible for any damage to the own animal or to others as a result of the dog’s behaviour during the journey.

The maximum number of dogs permitted per journey is three, always adapting to the availability of carriers on the bus. This service can be temporarily suspended if there are no more carriers available.

Visitors can use their own particular carrier under the same transportation conditions abovementioned. The company won’t be responsible for any possible damages and won’t store it either.  Users will be in charge of placing it in the luggage compartment at the beginning of the trip and taking it out at the end.

Buying a ticket does not grant preference over the passengers waiting on the line to take the bus.

Dog access to the bus will only be possible at Torla-Ordesa car park (beginning of the line) or at La Pradera de Ordesa (end of the line).

In case of finding loose cattle extreme precautions. Keep a safe distance. Do not let your dog near the cattle.

Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds should wear a muzzle and a short leash.
The company reserves the right not to accept dogs that do not meet these conditions.

In order to avoid inconvenience due to possible last minute crowds, we advise not to delay the return to the last service.


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