Bus, access and parking

The Torla-Ordesa shuttle bus is a return bus service to Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. This service is available in Easter and from June to November, this being a period of increased tourist interest in the area.

  • Where does it depart from?

From Torla-Ordesa’s car park, near the National Park visitor centre.

  • Where does it go?

To La Pradera de Ordesa (Ordesa’s meadow).

  • Are there any other intermediate stops?

The bus departs from Torla and drives up the road to complete its journey at La Pradera de Ordesa (Ordesa’s meadow). Only a ticket is needed for the whole trip (see bus fares).

On the way up, there are three existing stops

Hotel Abetos, Hotel Ordesa, Camping San Antón. It’s stop in Puente de los Navarros. Only passengers (no pets) can get on the bus at these stops, as long as there are free seats and the tickets have been purchased beforehand.

On the way down, when requested by the passenger, there are several stops all along the road down to Torla, to get off the bus only (both passengers and pets).


  • Does it return to the same place?

Yes, it does. Drop off is at Torla-Ordesa’s car park, near the National Park visitor centre.

Access and parking without the shuttle bus

  • Free parking all year long.

Free parking is available in Torla-Ordesa all year long. It is located next to the bus stop and both cars and buses can be parked there. Overnight stays not permitted.

  • How to get up to the Park when the bus is not working.

The rest of the year, access with private vehicles to La Pradera de Ordesa (Ordesa’s meadow) is not restricted.

On certain weekends, when La Pradera’s car park is full, the National Park can be accessed by using Torla’s taxi service. Telephone number: +34 630 418 918

  • Accessing Ordesa’s Valley on foot.

Visitors can use the old local pathways between Torla and Ordesa, called Turieto Bajo or Turieto Alto. Both pathways end in La Pradera de Ordesa (Ordesa’s meadow), in about two hours.

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